How does it work? 

Lessons are typically taught at Music Lab at 505 Rohrerstown Rd. {Click Here} to sign up for your free first lesson. In-home lessons are available for additional cost. 



Is there a signup fee? 

No signup fees. Stop by or Make an Appointment. We would love to meet you!


How do we make payment? 

Lessons are billed online in advance by the month prior and sent to your email for payment by the 133h of the coming month. Easy. Simple. Safe.


Do you teach Adults? 

Yes! Over half of Music Lab students are adults!


Do your teachers have background checks? 

All of our teachers have the same clearances as a typical school teacher. 


Can I change teachers? 

Yes!  Music Lab is a learning center and a school, you may change teachers. In fact you will most likely have "Guest Teachers", or other music lab teachers, who work with you occasionally on specific skills. 


Do you take Special Needs Children ? 

Yes, in fact many of our teachers do very well with children and adults on the Autistic spectrum. In fact one of the owners has a Masters degree in Special Education with emphasis on Autism. 


What age can we start? 

Depending on the maturity and motor skills of a child but typically around the age of 5