Here Come the Keys

Lancaster City, PA. "The Street Piano Capital of the World!"  



Who would have ever thought that nestled in a small city of just 60,000 would be the most publicly placed pianos every summer. Just there and waiting for someone to walk on up and unleash their inner Stevie Wonder, Mozart, or Alicia Keys. These brightly painted pianos unlock imagination for youngsters and bring back old memories for those who are not so young. Growing up I was also scolded for playing that covered piano tucked away in the corner just beckoning to be played. Yet here they are many a street corner, pavilion, and square ready to be played and shared. 





The organization behind this is one that is near and dear to my heart as they seek to tear down the barriers that are preventing students from enjoying music. Mainly cost of instruments and quality of teacher. Music For Everyone, the organization behind Keys for the City, looks to tackle that problem head on by creating musical opportunities and making instruments accessible. Headed by charismatic and an extremely talented leader, John Gerdy, this organization has been creating lasting impact in the lives of Lancastrians for years.


What a brilliant idea, taking the most expensive instrument to purchase and making it free and open to all who have a song to play!

Make sure you get out to check out Keys for the City while you are walking around downtown Lancaster this summer. Pianos will be out by May 15, just in time for Music Friday. Check out the map below for locations and see if you can play them all!





 Also be on the lookout for Music Lab Teachers playing near you soon!