Connor Patterson


A 2011 graduate of the  Millersville University Music Department, Connor Patterson began teaching in Media PA, while he was still at Millersville. Like many others, Connor began music at a young age in a church choir led by Dr Gene Paul Strayer of the Curtis Institute and affiliated with the London based, Royal School of Church Music. As luck  and charm would have it, Connor began studying solfege and voice under the instruction of Dr Strayer refining his songwriting and performing chops. Connor went on to win several prestigious awards in Classical Vocal Performance, giving him the tools and experience he needed to move into the nonclassical and pop styles. Some of Connor's students have gone to perform on shows like "the Voice" or "The X Factor" with others becoming touring praise and worship leaders or releasing critically acclaimed albums. 

Connor on teaching: "Teaching, like anything, is based on understanding. Understanding what the student's goals are, how the students learns, and what motivates a students. Frankly, teaching, like music, is a conversation. One that is had between two or more people. You can learn to play music in your bedroom, but you will learn much faster and be much stronger with someone to play with. Music is meant to be a dialogue."

Andrea Kurnat


A 2015 graduate of Millersville University, Andrea is a motivated teacher and avid performer with a beautiful and lilting voice. A consummate performer and an incredible musician, Andrea is excited to be teaching at Music Lab and passing on the skills that she has picked up along the way. 


Christina Berg


Christina has been playing piano since she was 6 and soon after began songwriting. A 2013 graduate of the Millersville University Music Department with a B.A. in Music Business & Technology and a concentration in classical piano. At Millersville, Christina launched Saint Elouise (, a jazzy, pop powerhouse group that can be seen regularly at top venues. 

Christina on teaching: "Music is one part of life that leads, shapes and develops who we are as human beings, and I love the opportunity to share this with others through teaching and performing!."  Falling inline with Music Lab's collaborative learning approach, Christina is a truly passionate teacher who over delivers to every student.




Ethan Baxter


Originally from NY, Ethan is an up and coming songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Growing up in a musical family and falling in love with music at an early age, Ethan started playing with his brothers on the church worship band . Ethan moved to Lancaster to pursue a career in music amid the area's many venues and talented musicians. New to Lancaster, Ethan is quickly falling with love with the quant town and welcoming community. Ethan really specializes in beginning and intermediate students because of his relaxed demeanor and patience.

Ethan on teaching: "Lessons should be fun and exciting.  If practicing feels like a chore, you aren't doing it right." Lessons with Ethan are fun and engaging with no two lessons being the same.

Dave Franklin Playing Pic.jpg

Josh Rowe

Electric-Jazz- Classical Guitar/Drums/Bass

A graduate of Berklee College of Music in Boston, Josh is an incredible musician, teacher, and composer. Experience and ability ranging from metal, to blues, to rock, to classical, to commercial music production, Josh has the guitar chops and musical know how to make you a truly better player.  Working well with beginner to advanced students, Josh is truly an asset to Music Lab. Josh enjoys Jazz Fusion, Rock, Classical, Blues, and Traditional South American musical styles. 

Josh on teaching: " have always loved helping people learn their instrument weather they are complete beginners or just want to get better and learn other styles. I was fortunate to have a very good teacher who understood how to make learning enjoyable and easy and thats what I would like to be for someone else."

Steve Liller

Keyboards/Jazz Organ/Piano/Music Theory

Steve is an incredibly gifted keyboard player with over 30 years of experience teaching, playing, writing and arranging. As one of the strongest music theory and jazz theory teachers, Steve has a gift for explaining complex musical ideas in simple ways. Steve has taught hundreds of Lancaster county piano players with his incredible ability to help students of all ages reach their musical goals. As an active musician, Steve is still backing up local and regional bands on the keys every weekend.