Music Lab Lancaster is a music studio based in Lancaster PA that teaches music based on the belief that music is a language and is meant to be conversational. We teach in a collaborative setting where students learn by playing with great musicians. No two lessons are the same as every student is different and communicates differently. This is at the core of how we teach.



We believe that learning should be a collaboration of the teacher's knowledge and the student's passion taught in a conversational format. Lessons should be fun and exciting.

We believe that everyone has the ability to learn the language of music. Just as you learned to speak, so can you learn to play or sing.

We believe that students should play more than the practice so practice becomes something they want to do. 

We believe students should have the opportunity to play with other students and perform.

We believe that teaching the fundamentals of music and music theory can be done in a fun way that can be used in any style or genre.

We believe that students should be able to get fresh perspective from more than one teacher. We have many teachers with different strengths to give students the best experience.